Attempted kidnapping suspect arrested

Attempted kidnapping suspect arrested

Garon Brown /MCSO

ClarksvilleNow.com Reporting

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Law enforcement have successfully located and arrested Garon Brown, who was wanted for a second kidnapping attempt at a gas station in Clarksville.

According to Public Information Officer Jamie Dexter, investigators with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office had taken out warrants on Brown Friday for an attempted kidnapping – an incident which occurred on the same day he allegedly attempted to kidnap another woman. (Read the original story here).

Garon Anthony Brown was arrested for a March 19 incident by the Clarksville Police Department, and a new victim came forward and told investigators he had attempted to kidnap her on the same evening.

“She was leaving her workplace on Woodlawn Road when a man pulled up behind her in the parking lot, blocking her from leaving,” said Investigator Geoff Blanchard. “She saw him making gestures at her, and she got out of her car and told him he needed to move because she had to go.”

The woman recognized the man because he had been into her workplace on several occasions before. She headed east, and the man followed her. Knowing she’d be safer in a public location, she pulled into a Dover Road gas station.

“In the parking lot, he grabbed her and told her that she was coming with him now,” Blanchard said. “Thankfully, she got away.”

The woman said she didn’t report the incident right away, but when she noticed news stories about his other attempt, she decided to come forward.

Brown was out on bond, but investigators were able to locate him and set his bond at $1 million.

There is no further information at this time.

Garon Brown (Photo by CPD)

Brown’s vehicle (Photo by CPD)