CDE to credit customers for internet/phone outage

CDE to credit customers for internet/phone outage

Photo: Clarksville Now

ClarksvilleNow.com Reporting

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – CDE Lightband has released more information regarding Tuesday’s internet and phone service outages, which affected 11,000 and 3,000 customers respectively.

The outage lasted approximately nine hours.

Christy Batts, Broadband Division Manager for CDE, said the problem did not stem from CDE itself, but from GigLinx, which is the bandwidth provider operating from Nashville.

Another ISP had requested to have their connection disabled, and an employee at the company mistakenly shut down CDE’s connection as well. Batts said the issue was human error.

“At the end of the day, while CDE is responsible for providing internet to our customers, our equipment and infrastructure were not at fault and remain intact,” she said.

Employees searched for a solution to the problem, and once the mistake was discovered it was immediately corrected, according to Batts.

Due to this outage and a previous outage, CDE will credit those customers affected during the upcoming billing cycle. For customers with a basic internet plan at a rate of $34.95 per month, they will receive a credit for two full days, which will be approximately $2.33.

CDE is in the process of working with GigLinx to build a secondary connection which will be routed to Atlanta. This line is essentially a fall back to prevent future outages of this magnitude.