EDC Executive Director Cal Wray meets CYP

EDC Executive Director Cal Wray meets CYP

Photo: Clarksville Now

Lee Erwin reporting

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – The new Executive Director of the Clarksville-Montgomery County Economic Development Council, Cal Wray, spoke Wednesday, April 2 at the Clarksville Young Professionals (CYP) meeting. Close to 60 members of the group listened as he spoke on what was his third full day at work as Executive Director.

After the meeting Wray sat down with Clarksvillenow.com to talk about his move to Clarksville-Montgomery County. When asked about his first impressions and his feelings about the area Wray said he was very impressed with the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System.

“The education system has been very impressive. Hearing my son come home and talk about what he’s learning and his excitement for it, my wife and I are very, very pleased with that,” Wray said.

Wray talked about getting out and meeting with the community and he said he has asked for his calendar to be filled up because he said he wants to meet with as many people as he can. He has already met with many local business and political leaders as well as a number of organizations.

“My goal to meet as many people as possible and to see the community because the more information I can have, the more information that I can disseminate out whether it’s bringing industry, or bringing tourism, or retail, the more information you can provide to help people make an informed decision, the better it will be,” said Wray.

When asked about growing industry in the community Wray said he was excited for the opportunity to work with the Economic Development Council’s Industrial Development Board. He added there are so many potential manufacturing and headquarters facilities that will fit this area of the country, this area of the state and Montgomery County.

Wray has a visit to Fort Campbell coming up very soon on his schedule and he talked about the importance of the military to Clarksville-Montgomery County. Other than the huge economic impact Post has on the community Wray said the work force offered by Fort Campbell is a very positive advantage.

“The soldiers, once they retire from the military and being able to stay here, the skills they bring leads to so many other avenues. From a skilled work force to being able to show industry or show businesses what they have here, a quality workforce that’s reliable,’ said Wray.

Wray had a final thought about being in Clarksville with his family in the position as Executive Director of the Economic Development Council. “Sitting home with my wife and us talking last night about just what a great place where we think we are. Where we and our family are right now, we feel like we’re just in a great place,” Wray said.