Man charged in vehicle burglary

Man charged in vehicle burglary

Photo: Clarksville Now

Story By Jamie Dexter
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

Nearly all of the property stolen from a man’s truck Wednesday has been recovered by Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office investigators, and one has been charged in the incident.

Zachary Hoyer, 22, was charged with vehicle burglary, unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon and theft. He remains in Montgomery County Jail under $40,000.00 bond.

The victim was fishing near Smith Branch Boat Ramp off Smith Branch Road when he returned to his truck, finding that it had been broken into and collectible money valued at more than $10,000 and a revolver had been taken from the truck.

The report was assigned to Investigator Geoffrey Blanchard, who found out that three coins of the collectible money had been sold at a local store.

“I told the store to contact me if any of the other reported stolen items were brought in,” Blanchard said. “(Thursday), the store called me and said that Hoyer was attempting to sell more of the coins.”

Blanchard took Hoyer into custody at the store and questioned him, and Hoyer confessed to stealing the items and attempting to sell them. “We recovered nearly all of the items, except for about 5 coins,” Blanchard added.